Here’s some information about our German speaking, church planting network


Our focus at CTC-D-A-CH

1. Find and equip church planters

We search for new planters - networking with students and planters.

We prepare planters – through internships, mentoring, and education.

We accompany planters during their planting phase - coaching, education, and support.

We generate finances.

2. Deepening and distributing our DNA

We work to explain and deepen our DNA.

We have the goal to distribute our DNA publicly through publishing blogs, texts, videos, etc.

3. Live out our network

We meet at least twice a year for a network meeting.

We encourage direct meetings between people within the network.

We help each other with our competencies and resources.


How we do CTC-D-A-CH

1) Gospel-centered

We desire churches in which the gospel is at the center. By this we mean an understanding of the gospel of the grace of God not only as an entry ticket to faith, but also as the continual motivation for all churches activities and personal living. 


2) Urban

We realise that major city consist of special living environments. We like this environment. We also realise that major cities have an above average influence on our culture and desire to take part in this process constructively. Our goal is to make a significant impact for the betterment of the city.


3) Contextualized 

Our pastors and churches fit to their respective urban contexts. They reflect their environment in the best way possible. Church must be thought through and lived out in new ways for every context.


4) holistic

We plant churches that are active in both word and(!) deed. With this we mean churches which address both personal, inner effects of the gospel, as well as cultural and social effects. In short: churches, which do good in a holistic manner.


5) multiplying

We plant churches that support the planting of other churches, who also then plant new churches… We consider the mixture of new and existing churches in major cities to be a great benefit for the city.


6) Interdenominational

We value that our churches and pastors are rooted and engaged in concrete denominations. We welcome confessional/denominational diversity as an answer to the variety of urban needs. In this we are united through our common values; in other theological details, we live with our differences.


7) collegial

City to City DACH is a network of colleagues and peers; there is no “prime-leader”. Many of us were inspired by Timothy Keller in our search for new approaches to church in the city. At the same time, we emphasize the peculiarities of our German-speaking contexts and would like to contribute our new, local experiences.




A part of Redeemer's City to City 

City to City is a global network of urban church plants. It started in New York under Timothy Keller and his church, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, who helped plant new churches worldwide for people in major cities. Today, there are over 185 churches in 90 countries which belong to City to City. Our hope ist that there will be many more.

A network in D-A-CH

"D-A-CH" stands for the part of Europe in which Germany is the national language: Germany (D), Austria (A) and parts of Switzerland (CH). All City to City church plants in these countries belong to City to City-DACH. Together, we have the vision to plant further churches in the major cities of this part of Europe.





One does not plant a new church alone. For this, support, coaching, resources, and friends are necessary. City to City’s strength can be found precisely in this area.

Please let us know if you are interested in more information or

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We look forward to hearing from you!


City to City D-A-CH is a network of and for planters of new churches. Donations to the network go to the support of these planters. The processing of these donations goes through the Berlinprojekt. From them it is possible to receive a contribution receipt. 

Account information:  Berlinprojekt  |  Account: 12 25 34 00  |  Bank Code: 452 604 75  |  Bank: SKB Witten